Our Cashless System

Introducing our cashless system

In order to make payments fast and easy for everyone, we decided to introduce a special electronic card, namely the “Sesterzio Card”: you can use it to pay every dish, drink and product inside the Taste of Roma Festival.

You can get your own Sesterzio Card at the very entrance of the Festival and/or in every Wine Bar inside the event.

The “Sesterzio” is Roma’s historical currency, and it is the only allowed mean of payment at the Taste of Roma Festival: you will not use euros to shop.

Each Sesterzio equals to 1.00 € (1 Sesterzio = 1 Euro)

Every charge can only be by multiple of 5, starting from a minimum of 5 euros.

Is it mandatory to get a Sesterzio Card?
No, but without your Card you won’t be able to purchase any of the dishes, drinks and products that you will find inside the Festival. It would be a pity to lose such an opportunity!

Must everyone get their own Card?
It is not necessary that every guest get a personal Card. If you come as a couple, a family or a group, one Sesterzio Card would be enough. It is your own choice!

Can I charge my Sesterzio Card more than once?
Of course, you can! Your Sesterzio Card can be recharged as many time as you wish at the entrance desk or in every Wine Bar. Every charge has to be made only by a multiple of 5, so with a minimum start of 5 euros.

How much should I charge my Sesterzio Card?
It is your decision to make! Each gourmet dish has a price that goes from 6 to 8 Sesterzio, while the special dish is 10 Sesterzio. You can mix dishes and beverages to create your own tasting experience! Some example?

With 15 Sesterzio you will be able to taste two dishes or one dish with a paired glass of wine.

With 60 Sesterzio you shall experience a full cuisine course of 5 dishes, 2/3 glasses of wine and a good coffee. It is only up to you!

Will I get my money back, if I don’t spend all my Sesterzio?
Unfortunately, we cannot refund you your leftover Sesterzio, but you can choose to donate them to the non-profit organization we support. You will find all the information on site!

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