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General conditions for the use of events Beit Events srl

We ask all users of our events to read carefully the conditions set out below, which we shall constantly updated and integrated. Any conditions different in whole or in part from what follows, referring to one or more specific events, will be published here with any precise reference.

If information is requested not listed here or require clarification on the same, please send an email to info@beitevents.it

Beit Events srl (hereinafter Beit Events) with registered office in Milan, Alzaia Naviglio Pavese 260, is the organizer of events.

Beit Events, except for specific cases that will be expressly and clearly made ​​known through this website, does not make direct sales of tickets for its shows, it confers the right to make such a sale in circuits and / or sites of third parties who, having being authorized by Beit Events itself, are the only ones authorized to sell tickets.

The names of those authorized third parties on this site will be clearly identified at each event announced. As a consequence, any claim resulting from the purchase of tickets, limited to claims for payment of tickets, send and collect, choice of places, non-delivery of tickets purchased, etc.., It should be gently addressed by each subject at which are purchased / or / the tickets / or respond on the basis of its operating procedures will be compiled, published and communicated according to autonomous choices of those third parties and on which Beit Events has no power to intervene.

Notwith what’s written the above, Beit Events, as organizer holder of its events, sets out the conditions listed below with reference to its events:

Access to the event of

Beit Events will prevent access to the event and stay within the same, participants holding tickets not issued or authorized by the sales channels resulting false or any way irregular, and also reserves the right to act for the broadest protection of its rights in the event of counterfeit or abuse of any kind. The entrance to the event will also be forbidden to those holding tickets that are damaged or no longer legible in all their parts. Each participant also agrees to comply with the provisions of the service order and the staff present in the event.

Beit Events reserves the right to expel the participant from the event in case of serious violations of these terms and conditions, infringements of rules of law, order of the competent authorities and, in any case, of behavior that are potentially hazardous for the safety and the safety of other participants and / or to the peaceful and smooth conduct of the event.


Children under 5 years of age can enter the location without a ticket if accompanied by a person who has the responsibility, provided with a regular ticket.

Disability and carers

The ambulatory and non-ambulatory disabled are entitled to free.
The accompanying person is entitled to reduced admission.
The ambulant disabled people have the obligation to submit medical documentation confirming their disability at the event box office when purchasing the ticket.


It’s forbidden entry to the event for the dogs and any other pet.
The prohibition does not apply only in the event that it is a guide dog accompanying a disabled person who is blind.

Bad weather

The event will also be held in rain and other adverse weather conditions.
Save as otherwise communicated by Beit Events or different order from the competent authorities, the event will also be held in the event of any adverse circumstance. The participant will therefore not entitled to a refund of the ticket price upon the occurrence of such events, unless the event is officially canceled and apply the relevant conditions below.
In the event that the execution of the event is permanently discontinued after the event itself has lasted at least 45 minutes, there will be no right to obtain a refund.

Loss, theft or loss

In case of loss, theft or loss can not be obtained or refund tickets or request duplicates, replacements or reprints of the same.

Change in event program – Referral and Postponement

Beit Events has the right to change the location and / or date and / or time of the event due to force majeure (such as, but not limited to, earthquakes, riots, storms, strike, etc..) Or for technical reasons and organizational. The participant’s responsibility to periodically check this website in order to verify that the place, date or time of the event have not changed. In the event of a change in the program of the event, the ticket purchased is to be considered valid also for the conduct of the event in the new location and / or date and / or time.

If the start time or end of the event is changed but it still carries the same day as originally planned, or the place of execution of the latter is moved to another place, however, located within the Province in which the event would had to play and takes place on the same day, however, originally planned, will not be entitled to any refund of the ticket price.

In any other case, the participant will be able to store and use the ticket to attend the event in a different place or a different day established or, alternatively, obtain a refund of the ticket price in the manner set out below.

Canceling the event – Refunds

Beit Events has the right to cancel the event at any time for reasons of force majeure or for technical and organizational reasons. In this case, on this website and on the websites of third parties authorized resellers of tickets will be sent all the information relating to the procedures for reimbursement of the ticket price, it being understood that, with exceptions, the refund must be requested at point of sale or circuit of sale where the ticket was purchased and not directly to Beit Events.

In any case, you can request a refund directly at the box office of the venue.

In addition, it is understood that, unless expressly stated, in the event of cancellation of the event the purchaser shall be entitled to a refund of the ticket price, excluding also charges, fees and / or any additional amount that the dealer has requested and received from ‘purchaser.

Except in the case of willful misconduct or gross negligence, Beit Events will not be liable in any way for any costs, charges, expenses, damages borne by the buyer or immediately due to the cancellation of the event.

Subject to any exceptions made ​​known from time to time and clearly on this site, in the event that a session of an event (of course cusine / wine academy) provided as part of the Taste Festival is canceled without this resulting in the cancellation of the Festival as a whole, there is no reimbursement, in whole or in part, of the ticket price.

Audio and Video Recordings

Pursuant to art. 13 of Dec. UE 679/2016 (Privacy Code), Beit Events inform any person participating in the event that participants may be taken back, photographed or filmed and that these images and footage will be used to produce promotional material and / or commercial related to the event itself and its artists / actors.

The person participating in the event as of now lends its consent to Beit Events, with the possibility of transfer to third parties appointed by it, to be photographed, filmed or recorded and the subsequent exploitation of their image within the promotional materials and / or commercial above.

The refusal to give such consent makes it impossible to buy a ticket and participate in the event.

The data controller is Beit Events Italy srl.

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