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Riccardo Di Giacinto was born in Monterotondo on the 22nd of May 1976 even though he is originally from Abruzzo. He did not go to the cooking school but when he was 14 he already spent his days while cooking. He already had clear ideas about what will be his future. Every one of his dishes tells him story: the training in Italy and abroad, the experiences with great chefs such as Ferran Adrià and Marco Pierre White. He spent four years in England; four years in Spain and one year in Cina. In England he learnt to manage the staff; the same  appened in Spain where he worked with a brigade of 40 cooks. Riccardo treasured all his work experiences which allow him to fully understand the kitchen work and personalize it. In 2013, the chef Riccardo Di Giacinto took part in one the most important Italian kitchen summit in the world “Italian Cuisine World Summit” placed in Hong Kong while in 2014 and 2015 it was placed in Dubai.

“In the kitchen, I usually step back to move forward. I turn around, see what I did, where I am in that moment.
Asking myself where I’m going. Then, I move towards the future that has already passed. I leave with the baggage of culinary tradition, that of my land, and with unique raw materials. I carry with me technique, passion, personality, and the journey is always unexpected. I see places where tradition becomes contemporary. I see an oxtail turned into a Rocher. I see salted codfish coming from Iceland to cheer themselves up. I meet people who speak my language: cooking. And when they listen, they open their mouths. And so, I improve myself, with the precious brigade de cuisine by my side.”
All’Oro Restaurant has always been characterized by its traditional and contemporary cooking philosophy, a creative kitchen rooted in the traditional tastes where all great classics of the Italian cuisine are re- interpreted in a contemporary way. That’s the reason why Riccardo Di Giacinto always says “I usually step back to move forward” that means one step back in the tradition. Every product is strictly home-made: bread, breadsticks, paste, loaves and pastries are created using modern techniques while respecting the true “tastes” of the Italian tradition.

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