Kids @ Taste

Kids @ Taste

As always, children are very welcome at Taste of Rome! It is important from the early years that kids begin to understand the importance of the quality of food and how Taste of Rome offers the best in the city, so why not take them with us? In the Kids @ Taste the little ones can play, learn and have fun under the careful supervision of experts, while you can enjoy foodie heaven, tasting out of this world dishes and soaking up the gourmet atmosphere.

This year Solaya Communication is creating a special programme for the little ones: who will be able to take part in mini-cooking workshops and activities, run by chefs and experts, get messy and learn how to appreciate healthy wholesome food.

Programme details:

  • Thursday 19/9
    • from 19.00 pm to 9.00 pm _ Free play
    • 10.00 pm _ Fame di sapere (a cura di Officine fEASYca e Mercato Centrale Roma)
  • Friday 20/9
    • 7.00 pm _ Vegetables in all senses
    • 8.00 pm _ “Mangiatoie” for little birds
    • 9.00 pm _ Free play
    • 10.00 pm Fame di sapere (a cura di Officine fEASYca e Mercato Centrale Roma)
  • Saturday 21/9
    • 12.00 am _ Baby chef cookery lab in english
    • 1.00 pm _ Gardening box
    • 2.00 pm _ Eco painting with spices and vegetables
    • 3.00 pm _ Free play
    • 7.00 pm _ Fantasy Dough  
    • 8.00 pm _ Gardening box
    • 9.00 pm _ Eco painting with spices and vegetables
    • 10.00 pm _ Free play
  • Sunday 22/9
    • 12.00 am  _ Art on the table
    • 1.00 pm _ Gardening box
    • 2.00 pm _ Eco painting with spices and vegetables
    • 3.00 pm _ Free play
    • 7.00 pm _ Fantasy Dough  
    • 8.00 pm _ Science lab in belief
    • 9.00 pm _ Eco painting with spices and vegetables
    • 10.00 pm _ Free play

[price € 6,00 for each child for each course]

  • GARDENING BOX In this location, children will plant seeds in ecological jars made by themselves. Instead of plastic jars, rolls of toilet paper and egg paper containers will be used. Equipped with earth, Soil, seeds and toothpicks for plant naming be provided. Children will be able to bring take home their own seedbed and once the seedling has grown, the paper jar can be transplanted into a larger earthen jar.
  • ECO PAINTING In this location, children can experiment with natural colors. We will start from the creation of the colours themselves extracting them from plant sources. They will try to cut, crush and mash the ingredients (spinach leaves, beetroot, red fruits, onion, saffron, other spices and vegetables) to obtain their natural colour in the form of a watercolor-type colour. After which they will be able to experiment with colours and make their own painting.
  • FANTASY DOUGH: is a cookery lab for children to try out easy recipes using a variety of ingredients. Each child will be given all the essential equipment for the recipe: an apron, bowls, cooking utensils and necessary ingredients. In the lab, the children will learn how to knead and make pizzas in simple and fun shapes.
  • “BABY CHEF – COOKERY LAB IN ENGLISH” Cookery lab for children aged 5-10 by Mamme and the city. An English teacher will walk the children through the list of ingredients and key words for the recipe preparation in English. The pastry chef will show the children how to decorate the perfect cup cake, have fun and learn how to cook and speak English at the same time. At the end of the lesson, the children can take home their delicious cup cake creations.
  • FAME DI SAPERE! it is a laboratory that through a prize Quizzone made by extravagant open air experiments, photos or video clips explains, with a constant playful involvement of the public, so much of the physics, chemistry and mathematics that is in the kitchen of the great cooks and in that of our house! Aimed at ALL (from children to adults), FAME DI SAPERE! uses the engaging multiple-choice Quiz format to determine the winner of a competition between the four teams of Nitrogen, Oil, Curcuma and Mango.
  • VEGETABLES IN ALL SENSES. A real sensory journey to recognize vegetables from the shape, smell and noise, in this laboratory some stations will be prepared where children will have to recognize vegetables and other foods through the use of one sense at a time: from the sound they produce they will have to guess if it is zucchini or apple nuts, from the smell they will have to recognize spices or herbs, from the sweet to savory taste, up to having to draw blindfolded using only touch, reproducing the contours of a food that they can only touch.
  • SCIENCE LABORATORY IN BELIEF. In this location simple and fun scientific experiments will be carried out, starting mostly from elements found in the kitchen. Children will be guided in the observation and interpretation of some phenomena related to basic scientific notions, through the manipulation of simple materials such as red cabbage juice or potato starch, lemon juice, bicarbonate …
  • “MANGIATOIE” FOR LITTLE BIRDS. Children will knead millet, wheat, corn into small pieces and jelly to get a real DIY manger to hang in their garden, balcony or window, with cheerful ribbons to make the birds eat. Using metal stencils can give them the shape of hearts, flowers and stars, personalizing each work to your taste.
  • ART ON THE TABLE. The workshop is inspired by the works of the artist Daniel Spoerri, in particular his “trap-paintings” created with plates, cutlery, glasses, napkins left dirty and untidy by those who ate at that table. Together we will read some fairy tales that have to do with food and in which banquets and dinner tables are described. Then everyone will make their own table prepared, using the base of a cardboard and all the objects and cards that will be made available to them. The order or disorder, the number of things arranged on the tables etc will be free for the children … everything must be composed as they imagined those banquets in their imagination.
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