Alveti e Camusi L’avventura

Alveti e Camusi L’avventura

In the late 50’s,granddad Angelo bought a small land in Agro Pontino area, on whose base today

rises  Alvety&Camusi, a family farming Company.

It has been improving for 15 years thanks to Antonella Paolo, Augusto, Maria Teresa and Anna Rita, five cousins united by the same love for a zootechnical farm, passion inherited by their granddad Angelo.

After years od hard works and sacrifices, this farm has got 300 Friesian Cows, reared on natural grass pastures. On february 2004,they started a dairy farm processing of milk into cheese: pasta filata cheese, soft cheese, yogurt, dairy cheese, mature cheese and whole milk. But the crown jewels are:”Ricotta” and “the Cacio del Borgo” cheese, that received recognition as the best products by “Roman cheese Awards”, respectivetly in 2005 and 2006. Alvety&Camusi Farm mission is: serving the consumer giving him an old flavour traditional cheese guaranteed by a continous innovation in manufacturing, providing a high quality product. In addition to the own store, where you can buy products directly, Alvety&Camusi farm also provides supermarket chains.

In 2006 the farm Company received the “Seme d’oro”, a prestigiuos award for dairy chain, by the Provincial Business Department. On december 2008,Fiordilatte cheese is the only cheese product and the main protagonist of the book “Alla tavola dei Papi” by Roberto Campagna’s article “tasty tears “.


“Passion always bears good fruit.”
April. On a day of archaic and overbearing beauty, the rows of vines weave a perfumed tapestry on the earth. Stefano and Gabriella observe them from the outdoor tables of a splendid agriturismo. That’s where they decide to transform the common passion for the earth into a new, exciting adventure. The philosophy is clear from the beginning: combining the centuries-old tradition of those territories with a modern and innovative vision of agriculture. Thus, in 2015, their farm was born. The name? Adventure, of course. In the same year they purchased the first 3.5 hectares in the municipality of Piglio, to which other lands were soon added to La Forma, Anagni and Gavignano. Today the company, thanks also to the contribution and enthusiasm of new members, can count on a total of 20 hectares, 8 different vineyards and a large orchard, from which all kinds of jams will soon be made. It produces red, white and extra virgin olive oil, is turning to organic and follows the techniques of organic and regenerative agriculture. In the meantime Casale Verdeluna, the agritourism with catering from which it all started that day in April, has become the flagship of the company. Because when there is passion, the circle always closes.

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